Breeding and Egg Development of Hymenochirus boettgeri 

Log 6

by David Cecere 

June, 1998

The past month has been relatively uneventful.  I have seen a slow and steady attrition of tadpoles from B5/26.  As of today (7/11) there are 15 tadpoles remaining out of about 50.  Their development has been slow since are only now beginning to show limb buds.

Members of B10-2 have all completed metamorphosis and are growing rapidly.  I have begun finding new homes for some of them because I don't have the tank space to keep them all.


Under identical conditions two batches of eggs from different females will show a markedly different growth and survival rate.  It is my belief that the African dwarf frogs typically available in the U.S. pet trade are a hybrid of H. boettgeri and H. curtipes.

I don't have plans for any breeding projects in the near future.  My goal was to breed two batches and document their progress.  This goal has been met.  I  plan to leave this site up and to make additions and improvements as time permits.  My next project is the addition of a FAQ with answers to questions on the care and breeding of Hymenochirus.  I also plan on adding a search engine to make finding specific information easier.

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