Ooeidozyga lima - Frog of Mystery

Mystery Frog

Please email me with any information you may have!

This isn't a particularly good photo of the frog so I'll add some desciption.
Common names
Floating Frog, Fat Floater, Indonesian Floating Frog
This frog is about 1.5" in length.
All five toes on its back feet are webbed and each toe has a black claw.
There also appear to be two spur-like projections on the heel portion of each
back foot.  It has four toes on its front feet which have almost no webbing.
All toes on the front feet are clawed.
Face & Head
Its eyes are lidded with horizontal pupils.  The eyes also close and depress to aid
the frog in swallowing.  Its mouth is large and appears to be tongueless.
The underbelley is light gold with no patterning.  There appears to a lateral
line between the front and rear legs.
This frog is not particularly active.  It will sit for hours in the position as shown in the
photo.  I have observed it sitting completely out of the water for short periods of time
and only when it was bathed in running water from the filter outflow.  I have never
heard the frog "croak".  It has periodically made a "squeaking" sound but I have not
been able to link the sound with any other obvious behavior or condition.
This frog prefers to feed from the surface of the water or the air.  It will eat live crickets
from the surface.  I usually feed it bloodworms from the blunt end of a bamboo skewer.
The frog will leap up from the water to eat the bloodworm from the skewer.